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Thread: CL175 exhaust reinstall

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    CL175 exhaust reinstall

    So I made an offer on the ebay listing and got the new exhaust for the CL175.

    Any tips for the installation?

    Any maintenance items I ought to address while I have the old one off?

    I am struggling to see exactly how the system is supposed to mount; the online parts diagrams are not clear (or consistent) and the shop manual is also vague in that section:

    - for the connection at the cylinder studs, is it just a nut, or is there a flat and lock washer required? I see it both ways in different diagrams. The ones I removed had a flange nut, which I doubt was stock.
    - is there supposed to be a mounting point in the middle, near the left air cover? It looks like from the diagrams that there may be, but the old pipes were only connected at the cylinder head and the rear mount. I can't see how / where they might attach in the middle (though there is a bracket on the pipes themselves).

    Any input would be much appreciated. I will post some pics of the new pipes later - they are very nice, better than I hoped.


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    (also rebuilding a '72 Z50A K2)

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    The parts fiche is definitely not much help. It seems like the short bracket shown near the shoulder bolt and grommet would indicate there is a second mount to the bike somewhere along the middle of the run of the pipes from the head back to the muffler but where it attaches on the bike would be something best explained by someone with experience. Richard Pitman has a CL and I'm sure he'll know
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    Looks like you need #s 9 through 19 in this picture: .
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    These are the parts needed for the mounting brackets. The centre strap was missing from my bike when I got it, so I made my own, as in this pic. The second pic shows my bike as originally purchased, you can see the bracket clamped to the frame, missing bolt is where that strap attaches. A rather strange bolt attaches the bracket to the point where the two pipes are bolted together. It passes through the hole in the left hand air filter cover, which must be mounted before fitting the exhaust. I went my own way on this, as I didn't have the original parts, worth checking the parts photos from the CNMSL fiches.

    PLATE for CL175 SCRAMBLER 1973 K7 USA - order at CMSNL

    Note the threaded hole. I welded a captive nut onto my home brewed effort.

    BOLT,EX.PIPE SET for CL175 SCRAMBLER 1973 K7 USA - order at CMSNL

    And then you'll have the fun of actually wrangling the pipes into the head. Remember to slip the left side exhaust flange into place at the top of the pipe and keep it there whilst entering the pipes into the head. The right hand pipe bend gets in the way, not possible to get the flange past this, sounds vague but you'll soon see what I mean. Good luck !!

    1972 CL175K7
    1970 CB174K4, 'upgraded' to a K6 alike
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