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Thread: Storing 1975 Honda CB360T over winter

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    Storing 1975 Honda CB360T over winter

    Looked through the forum and searched but no luck. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I'm on final approach to my 360t restore and now I'm worried about winter and storage. I live in southern Oklahoma and we have humidity, tornadoes, drought, floods and then the next day....ha. Anyway, I've put a lot of hours on this bike. It's not perfect but I hand sanded, rubbed, polished, painted, replaced every part and electrical item she has. I see the finish line now as I'm painting the chassis this week and tanks/side panels will be ready Thursday. Reassembly will go pretty quick but I expect a few hiccups/backtracking/reverse engineering to occur. Now what should I think about when storing the bike this winter. I will put stay built in full tank and run once a week but don't want problems with moisture screwing up what I've worked so hard on.
    Often we may have warm weather till xmas. I've played golf in shorts in late December on occasions. But we also get snow, and ice storms where the ice can be 2 inches and no power at times.
    It will be in a shed or in my work shed. I have electricity in the work shed where I keep it now, but I'm thinking about building/buying a small shed just for it but no electricity.
    Suggestions please

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    Don't run it once a week, it's unlikely you will get it fully warmed up each time, the result will be more moisture in the cylinders. I would put a teaspoon of oil down each plug hole, then turn the crank to 90° past the LT mark(where all four valves are closed) and leave it there until spring.
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    Fill the tank with non ethanol fuel plus the Stabil. Drain the carbs completely, not the typical run till it quits with the petcock off because there's still fuel in the bottom of the bowl.
    Remove the battery and store inside your house, batteries do not like to be cold.
    I agree with the no start thru the winter, even if you get it hot enough to burn out the condensation in the exhaust system once you shut it down the heat will actually pull the moisture back in the muffler and possibly all the way into the cylinders. Oiling the cylinders and setting the engine to the cam chain adjust point is good.
    If the bike is in a protected covered area then don't put a bike cover over it, those trap moisture. Use and old sheet or blanket to keep the dust off.
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    Maybe spray it all over with ACF50 or similar preservative / rust blocker ?
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