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Thread: Thoughts on the 4into1 cafe seat (good)

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    Thoughts on the 4into1 cafe seat (good)

    I posted this on other FB forum I’m on but thought I would post up some preliminary pics regarding this cafe seat on the CB360 and CL360 here as well.

    I hemmed and hawed for quite a while about which seat to order. There are some cheaper seats on eBay etc, some are shipped from America and some from Asia. In the end I am very happy with this one I bought from 4into1. It’s more money than many but really it was about an extra $30+ and in my grand scheme of things that was ok. It is about 4” longer than the eBay versions and looks much better in my view. The fit up to the CL tank will need some fiddling but the fit to the CB tank was quite good. Both will need custom mounting. The CL already had the seat hinge on the frame removed before I got it and I think I’ll need to do the same on the CB. This is the “Brisbane” cafe seat in black. I may go with the “Mantis” brat seat for the other bike. $69.95 plus shipping from 4into1. No affiliation with the store, just passing on what I know and is that what we’re supposed to do here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by club_c View Post that what we’re supposed to do here?
    Absolutely it is, and thanks for posting it.

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    Useful information, thanks
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