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Thread: Honda Grommet 17247-240-000 for side covers ($1.50 ea. from 4into1)

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    Honda Grommet 17247-240-000 for side covers ($1.50 ea. from 4into1)

    I was having a terrible time getting my side covers off (without cracking them) while working on the bike. I had used grease on the grommets and different prying methods, but it was tough and I felt like it didn't make sense that they were so hard to get on and off.

    I ordered new Honda Grommets (P/N 17247-240-000 @$1.50 each) from 4into1 to see if that would help. Here is what I found:

    • The rubber really wasn't much softer, I expected the old grommets to be age hardened.
    • The new ones were the specified Honda part number for my CL350 K4 but were much smaller appearing than the originals. They did fit like a glove in the old grommet holes.
    • The side covers are now significantly easier to get on and off

    I think it was a good buy. New on the left and old on the right.

    1972 Honda CL350 K4
    Original air box
    Points ignition
    1971 Honda SL350
    Original air box with foam covered filters
    Points ignition

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    Good to know. Once again, has a good value.

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