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Stuck Clutch

Dick Steinkamp

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Nov 3, 2022
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I have not ridden my CL77 for about a month. The clutch has always worked smoothly. I have a new cable and new return spring in the right case. It is adjusted properly (both the cable and the large slotted screw). With the right cover off, the mechanism works properly when I pull the clutch lever. The steel ball is in place. I run 30 weight oil. I don't see how the clutch plates can stick together in just a month, but it is my guess they have.

With a car, there are several, relatively aggressive ways, to unstick a clutch...but they have 4 wheels. :). I've zip tied the clutch lever down which I hope will allow the plates to loosen up, but I'm not very hopeful.

What are some ways you've found to be successful to unstick a clutch without risking a trip to the hospital?

Second, there will be other times this bike sits for a month. How do I prevent this from happening again?

I can't be sure if your choice of oil had anything to do with it, in my experience it just happens now and then when a bike sits for a period of time. If I don't ride my 450 for a couple of months the clutch on it sticks a bit too. The way I deal with it is, while the engine is warming up I pull the clutch lever numerous times (as if shifting) and then once the engine is warm, I hold the front brake (with the bike aimed toward open driveway, of course) and click the bike into gear. If it stalls the engine, usually the next attempt will break loose the plates. To prevent it happening again, simply run the engine and put it in gear a bit more often than once a month.
I'm new here. I have a 67 305 Dream and the clutch sticks every time the bike cools off, like over night. I have not really ridden it yet just trying to get it in working order. Just today I drained the oil for the second time, it looked as dirty as the first time. I did run it and drive it a couple miles before draining and again the second time. I live at the end of a road and the garage is on a bit of a hill, so i get the engine running and push it down the driveway and hold the clutch in and just stab it in gear and keep working the clutch until it frees up. I'm hoping the oil changes will help this. I have not been able to clean the filter, due to not having the seals and gaskets. It does disengage the kickstarter when the clutch starts working. I have a lot to learn about this.
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