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Special tool #16


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Jul 9, 2023
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Prescott, Arizona, USA
This interesting item is a Vibratach. Made in Germany and endorsed by Honda in one of the company's power equipment dealer service bulletins (where I discovered it), it was suggested as a good way to tune portable generators which of course must maintain a consistent 3600 rpm for good electrical output. Briggs and Stratton as I recall made it a special tool. I found the tool somewhat useful for Honda motorcycles that did not have a tach, though today inductive electronic tachs make this tool anachronistic, and the Vibratach worked best on singles and twins, not too good on four cylinder machines. An interesting piece of history, if nothing else. The tool works by the user dialing in the rpm desired, then after putting the tool against the engine at a point nearest the crankshaft, he watches the white-painted end of the wire. When the proper rpm is reached, the wire wiggles in a figure-eight pattern. Novel, huh?

vibratach sm.jpg
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I have a lot of old tools and stuff I've kept for 40 years or longer, but none are that curious! I still have the ball-ended tool to depress the bucket on a KZ1000 to remove the valve clearance shim, didn't get used much and hasn't in over 35 years. Or the automotive-based stud remover from Craftsman, which the City of Tampa required in my toolbox to qualify for the yearly tool allowance of $250. It never got used either, LOL
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