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I need tires


Feb 12, 2023
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Stillwater NY USA
Its my first question on this form so here goes. My 500T which I pick up tomorrow has the original tires on it. Ive checked Dennis Kirk and a few others but can anyone tell me where to get 2 new tires and I would guess tubes and what size tires I would need. I dont plan on breaking any speed limits on this bike so what tires should I get. Also, I plan on putting them on myself. Im pretty good at wrenching things so Im giving it a try!! Gotta keep costs down.
There are many tire choices out there depending on your budget and the type of riding you plan to do. I like to ride mountain roads once a year on vacation and a little cornering on my local (and a lot more flat) rural roads in Florida, but I am on a budget so I didn't want to break the bank with my tire purchase. I bought a Shinko 712 for the rear (100/90-18, but in hindsight I could have gone with a 110/90) for $62 and a Shinko 250 for the front (MJ90-19) for $84 only because the CL450 has a 19" front wheel and Shinko doesn't make the 712 in that size. I had already bought new tubes and rim strips previously, probably from 4into1. They give great cornering feel and I love the way it handles now. I price-shopped hard and got them from Chaparral Motorsports at the lowest price I found.
+1 for Chaparral Motorsports or Chapmoto or whatever they go by. They've been around for decades and move a lot of product which contributes to low prices and you can trust that you won't get a 2 year old tire from them.
I'm not sure if these brand/models fit your bike, but FYI:

I have an IRC DuroTour II on the back of my CM450e. I don't recommend it.
First, I had to take another brand new DTII off of the front, as it was defective- significantly out of round, and wobbly.
Second, it is very stiff, which makes it very hard to put on or take off.
Third, it also flops over a bit on turns, even though it is appropriately sized and inflated (and tried higher inflations). It may last forever, they do have a good reputation for lasting a long time (relatively speaking, for a cheap bias ply, it's not a Dunlop e4 or M888).

I have a Shinko 712 on the front, and can highly recommend it. Only 900 miles so far, so can't speak to longevity, but handles well, sticky, good braking, and good in rain.
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