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Disk brake rubbing


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Mar 13, 2024
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Toronto ON Canada
After a wonderfully productive day with the forks..I find myself with another problem that I.ve noticed since I purchased the beast (74 cb 450 k7). The front disk likes to run against the pads. I've adjusted at the swing arm but it's still rubbing. The disk itself is new as is the swingarm. I'm packing it in for the day but any tips you have will make for great late night reading. :) Link to video here:

There didn't look to be excessive brake drag in the video as far as I could tell. With a new disk and brake pads it will make a bit more noise until they wear a bit and break in. It is common issue and typically will go away after a couple hundred miles. When I worked at a auto parts store it was a common complaint and we would ask them to drive the vehicle a bit to see if the issue went away.
There is an adjustment procedure for setting the gap; after that, if the sealing ring around the cylinder has hardened, it won't withdraw the cylinder the tiny amount that stops most of the drag. I refreshed the seal and set the gap per the manual, and when I lift the front and spin the wheel, there is no dragging sound.
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The wheel looks as it is spinning freely in the video, I don't think the noise is excessive either, most bikes would sound like that with new pads and discs, as Robman says , let them bed in for a while, even try squeezing the lever to see if the wheel spins freely on release.
I wouldn't say there's enough rubbing there to wear the pads.
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Some drag there - wheel slows quickly. The pads will bed in and probably drag less. I bed them in by riding a lonesome road at about 50mph, braking to about 20, repeat a few times.
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