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Carb set-up/tuning for CB/CL/SL 160, 175, 200 Dual carb Twins

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May 22, 2020
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Roanoke, Virginia
I start with the slides synchronized (cable adjustment), throttle stops backed out, and the mixture screws turned to the center of their specified range......
Hold the throttle slightly open and start the engine..... Back the throttle down until you get an idle ~1200 RPM, HOLD it there, and gently turn in the throttle stops until it starts to rev.....adjust back to 1200.... Once it is again idling at 1200 with both throttle stops set, you are ready to do the actual adjustments......

Pick a carb....adjust its MIXTURE screw throughout its spec'd range to find the point of highest idle RPM, and leave it there at highest revs...adjust that carb's throttle stop back down to 1200 RPM...
Same procedure, other carb......
Repeat on both carbs to verify/fine tune.......Repeat again IF necessary....
Re-verify slide sync...Adjust IF necessary (usually no more than 1/4 turn on the carb top adjuster, often they are still fine)...
If you did this correctly, vacuum , exhaust pressure, and exhaust heat will be the same on both sides (hard to verify last two on the CL)
Engine response to throttle should be "crisp" and smooth throughout entire range....
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