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Allstar Brake Self-Bleeder

Years ago (for much less than $26) I had a cup like this that I used for bleeding brakes on my bikes. It came from some restaurant we took the kids to. The straw was a short length of hose and would fit over the factory brake bleeder tightly. I threaded a 10-32 or 1/4-20 nut onto the end of the hose inside the cup so I could fully extend the hose without pulling it out of the cup. I think it was thrown out last time I packed up my shop to move, if I see another I'll be sure to grab it.
Brake bleeder

I have this one. Original tube had a one way valve, I just use a normal tube now.
main reason for this bottle…I used to use a jam jar and sometimes didn’t notice that the tube had popped out!
having it go through the cap keeps it secure.
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