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72 CB175 Control halves color and coating process

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Jun 1, 2020
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Anchorage, AK, USA
Hi all, I'm Chris aka I_Ride_本田 not a new member. Just forgot my login info.

What would a guy coat the control halves with if he were to want to restore them to their former luster and/or sheen? I've been told DuPont Imron 99U is the black that I need. I've also been told that the parts were anodized from the factory, not painted. Anyone know definitively which process was used? I'm practicing right now on some DIY anodizing and the results look professional. I'm stunned.:supergeek:
I'm sure they used whichever process was cheaper, no point in spending any more than you need to at the manufacturing level.
I thought for a long time they were painted which is what I've done but after hearing they are anodized I've taken another hard look and agree that's the most likely process.
Since my father once polished a master cylinder on a SOHC 750 decades ago and it took a serious effort for him to get all of the color off it, I've always believed they were anodized.
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