1. My Electrical Problem Findings, 83 Honda CM250C

    looking for a cdi unit and a a/c generator/stator/magneto/alternator, this bike is hard to find parts for as it was only made for a few years, and my specific one was only made for 1 year. i believe that the rebel shares some but i need to confim that
  2. 1970 Honda SL175 parts

    I have a 1970 Honda SL175 I really wanted to restore to factory, but the more I look at it the more I realize it's too far gone, which really hurts because this is my first ever project... I have some parts that are worth selling, the rest I'll keep for the future. Headlight Housing- $25 Frame-...
  3. songpool5

    1974 CL200 Parts for Sale

    Hi All, I have a variety of parts from a 1974 CL200 for sale. This was a semi-rare bike and I would hate to toss these in the trash. I'll pretty much give them to you for the price of shipping. Please let me know if you want any or all of the parts listed below! Here is a link with pics...
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