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  1. 1978 Honda CB400A Hondamatic Stator

    Hello! Recently I bought a clean cb400a for cheap because it had no spark. I found the CDI and Stator were bad. Finding a CDI was easy, the hard part now is finding a stator that isn't outrageously expensive. Does anyone know of a stator for sale or if there is another stator I can substitute...
  2. Maraakate

    Anyone ever try the aftermarket Borg Warner "Morse" Cam Chains?

    Now that supply is dwindling for the original cam chain I see DSS and eBay vendors list an aftermarket cam chain for the 400/450 twins. Digging in further it's actually a timing chain made by Borg Warner and says it's "Morse" for high strength/reliability. They appear to be a vendor for the...
  3. Maraakate

    Repro torque converter cover gaskets, gauge of interest?

    We have an on-going thread here with a forum member trying to locate those critical torque converter cover gaskets. Right now there is one with the insane price of $150. With that said, I did some research and found who manufacturers the gasket kit for 4-into-1. I've reached out to them about...
  4. Maraakate

    1979 CM400A Winter Rebuild [COMPLETE]

    ⚠⚠NOTE TO THOSE WHO USE THIS AS A GUIDE. WHEN I REFER TO BOLT SIZES I AM REFERRING TO THE SIZE OF THE HEAD⚠⚠ I'm not 100% ready for this yet, but figured I will start some documenting here. I have 34,700 miles on my 79 CM400A. I originally had about 12,000 on it when I first got it back in...
  5. Maraakate

    CM400A Oil Compatibility

    I've been using GN4 for years, but figured at $15 for a gallon on Amazon for Shell Rotella T4 15W40 why not give it a try? I know others here have used it with much success on the 400Ts. I'm pleased to report works just fine; as expected. No issues with torque converter slipping or trouble...
  6. Eddie

    Hondamatic Neutral Switch/Change Switch [FOUND]

    FOUND I'm looking for a change switch for my 1979 CM400A. The same switch was used on the CB and CM across the 400 and 450. From what I can tell this is a notoriously hard part to find but should be on any of those engines, if you're doing a tear down please consider pulling it off, it is the...
  7. Maraakate

    Brand new CDI for Hondamatic CB400A/CM400A/CM450A

    Hello, I've been working on reverse engineering the Hondamatic CDI for the CB400A, CM400A, CM450A bikes. It's now been successfully road tested for more than 3000+ miles in stop and go traffic, and highway. Over 20 sold. Here is a video of the prototype running on my 79 CM400A: CURRENT...
  8. CM400A Kickstart/Torque Converter

    My kickstart shaft broke, so I bought a new one, but I'm having trouble getting everything to fit properly, so the kickstart just feels very spongey when I try to kick it. I can't find the punchmark on the new shaft, which is part of the issue, but then even if i do get everything to fit, I...
  9. mylovelyhorse

    Scruffy UK CB400A Hondamatic project

    Several years ago, in a set of strangely difficult to quickly explain circumstances, I acquired a history-unknown 1979 CB400A Hondamatic. After some fussing, including new tyres, an oil & filter change, a carb strip & clean, a fresh battery and other TLC I'm pleased to say it ran. I didn't ride...
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