1. CB350 exhaust port seals fell out of one side during a ride

    Hello. I'm searching for knowledge of this piece used to stabilize the exhaust pipe in the engine block. Where can I find replacements? What are the ramifications of not having a set of them on one side? Can I move one of these halves from one side to the other in the mean-time? Picture:
  2. Previous owner welded leaky exhaust

    I started my project today of my newly acquired K4. Did a compression test warm (170 left and 175 right). I noticed the air coming from the right muffler was weaker than the left, then I discovered a very poorly done weld job connecting the right pipe to the muffler. I put my hand at the joint...
  3. safayan

    Muffler options for cl360

    I picked up a 1974 cl360 today for 2100. In pretty good condition. Top muffler has a few holes in it though... click the picture to make sure you're seeing all the holes. anyone have experience repairing these holes? If this is not possible, I'd be interested in buying a new muffler, but...
  4. old river rat

    CL 175K3 exhaust removal

    I'm back to working on my old 1969 CL 175 K3 and hung up trying to remove the exhaust pipes. The factory manual says they welded them up to assure better performance.(??) Specifically it looks like they welded the two pipes together via a mounting bracket just in front of the muffler. The...
  5. Cb200 exhaust header question

    There's a gap between the head and the exhaust flange. Is this normal? This is on the right side with exhaust removed. Looks like there is a crushed copper washer, not sure if it should be more like a donut, and less flat? Looks pretty pressed into place. Not sure how I would remove it. Many...
  6. old river rat

    removal of a '69 CL175 K3 exhaust... need some help

    After spending my shop time last winter on two non-Honda bike projects and getting a START on my CJ 360T project (which I will spend more time on next winter) I decided to get a start on what will be a MAJOR rebuild of a '69 CL175 K3. I mention all of this to indicate that I'm not in a hurry...
  7. KnuckleBustingTwin

    Aftermarket CB450 Headers

    Hey Gang ... I found a pair of aftermarket CB450 headers on eBay ... [LG4386]HONDA CB450 K3 K4 K5 K6 K7 1970-1974 EXHAUST HEADER PIPE 1PAIR [EH1/EH2] | eBay Has anyone else used these? Also, will these fit the CB500T? I have heard others say that the 450 headers will fit on the 500T ... the...
  8. rapid_roy

    CB175 kick start with aftermarket mufflers

    Hey all, thought I'd share this in case anyone has the same problem. I had a "mechanic" replace the rusted-out exhaust pipes on my CB175, and the ones he used blocked the kick starter. Instead of replacing the mufflers again, Russ Lang on the old forum tipped me off to replacing the kick...
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