1. Honda-Boot-Licker

    CB200T compete rebuild!

    So I bought a CB200T last Friday for 700$, clean title, but didn’t start, had bad tires, throttle was stuck, whole nine yards. Here’s her on friday. So I took her home and started working on it. Disassembled partially, gave it a bath, took the rust off the frame and painted/sealed it with...
  2. CB200T to CL200 look-alike resto/conversion/mod

    CB200T to CL200 look-alike So, I picked up this CB200T for $800 USD a couple of months back. It had been kept outside in Portland, Oregon for who knows how long and the engine was seized. Having had good luck getting another old bike to fire up after being seized, I thought I'd give this one a...
  3. '75 CB200T Right Front Fork Upper Cover [FOUND]

    Looking for a replacement for the bent one one my bike. See parts catalog info below. H/C 30291 Part Number 51610-453-000XW
  4. CB200T - Just getting started

    Hi, everyone. I've got a '75 CB200T that I picked up for a good price that I'm getting ready to fix up and make a daily commuter. Right now the engine is seized and is soaking in Marvell Mystery Oil. The PO said that it turned over as recently as last Spring (2021). Hopefully I can get it to...
  5. 1975 Honda CB200T project log

    Hello all! I’m creating a project thread to document the work I’m doing on my 1975 Honda CB200T. The bike was running well when I got it in 2018. The previous owner had been racing it. It started having problems after a few months (fuel leak, unsolved shutdown while riding), and it was stored...
  6. Snicks

    CB200T An updated, colorized wiring diagram

    I wanted to share a wiring diagram I made for this specific bike US version 1975 (but was actually made in 1974). I made it to teach myself the electrics of a bike and I thought it might be helpful for others. The year of the bike is important because, according to 66Sprint, the little green...
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