1. '75 CB200T Right Front Fork Upper Cover [FOUND]

    Looking for a replacement for the bent one one my bike. See parts catalog info below. H/C 30291 Part Number 51610-453-000XW
  2. Cb200 1974 4 wire rectifier question

    Cb200 4 wire rectifier question/rats nest help I got this on eBay for about $15.00. https://www.ebay.com/itm/373503075119 This is the title if link goes bad: Regulator Rectifier Single Phase Charging System For Honda Singles /Twins up- 78 Noticed that it does not have black wire, is it the...
  3. CB200 Speedo/Tach Gauges - Cushion Alternative

    Hi all, The speedo and tach on my '76 CB200 had a rubber? ring located between gauge body and chrome ring. CMSNL calls it "Cushion, Meter - 37113453008" Both of these cushions were really brittle and disintegrated during disassembly. NOS replacements are crazy expensive/hard to find...
  4. front End Swap?

    HI Everyone, I am looking to experiment with my CB200. It's a chopper in progress. I'd like to swap the front end with something a little longer and add a disc brake. Aiming for 4 inches over but am open really. Fork tube diameter could for sure go for some more girth too. :wink: Who has done a...
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