carb problems

  1. 1979 CM400T carb leak

    the left carb is leaking out of the overflow port in bowl. the float is set right....i checked it with a clear gas hose holding up to the side and opening the drain. the drain screw seats good... but still leaks. help!!
  2. 1979 CM400T

    Y'all I'm working on a 1979 CM400T that hasn't ran in 10+ years. The left bowl revealed a needle valve that had to be pried out with a screw driver. The rest is similar.... I got it running after the first carb parts order.. a set of air shut off diaphragms. But, only the left cyl will idle...
  3. Clutch Cargo

    1973 SL350 Carbs - Wisdom Required [SOLVED]

    Greetings, I recently acquired a 1973 SL350 that is exhibiting an issue for which I could use some wisdom and insight, before I dive into troubleshooting. The bike starts and idles perfectly. Ridden at lower RPM (up to 3.5k or so) it runs fine. However, as you push beyond that it will begin to...
  4. rapid_roy

    72 CB175, swamp in carb!

    Hey all, bike n00b here. I have a 72 CB175 that I'm finally getting around to fixing. A brief history, the bike has ~3k miles. I bought it from the PO in 2019, who said it was in storage since the 80's. It started and ran when I bought it, and my dad rode it October 2020. Now I can't get it to...
  5. 1979 CM400T carb rebuild- read stickies, looking for dummy version for some things.

    1979 CM400T carb rebuild- read stickies, looking for dummy version for some things. I've got the carbs torn down on the table and im going through stickies and how tos and just get confused on some longer threads. So here's the issues. Putting new stock jets in- how many turns? Main and...
  6. Rebuilt carbs - replaced petcock - now petcock issue?

    Working on a '73 CB350 Rebuilt the carbs - drained, cleaned and flushed tank with "Metal Rescue" - installed new petcock valve. Bike started and idled for about a minute or so at about 1500 rpm. Was running on both cylinders - hot exhaust from both pipes. Carbs responded to increases in...
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