• I created revised screenshots of all the usual functions for our new format, like posting pictures and videos, sending private messages, etc. While videos are becoming more popular instead of posting pictures, when asking for help and advice for a specific problem, good clear close-up pictures are still the best way to convey a hardware situation.

    Currently the "attach files" button is not functioning correctly, to add pictures use the "insert image" button on the toolbar above the text box.

    To conserve expensive server space we are still requiring videos to be hosted elsewhere and linked here. In the new format it is as easy as pasting a video link in place now, and a much wider range of video formats are compatible.

    For more help, see my tutorial here - VHT Forum Navigation Tips
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  • We banned another scammer recently. If you got a PM from now-banned member "gregbent31" DO NOT RESPOND TO HIM and if you already did, DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY MONEY. Check this link to see how many places he has been in his efforts to steal from forum members.


Bikes Found For Sale

Post bikes you've found for sale on CL, FB, eBay, etc.
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